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..in service to Orphans & destitutes

About Ministry

Shalam Ministries was started by Bro. Joannes and his wife Sis.Pushpa in the year 2002 as a full fledge ministry. Sis. PUSHPA is a full time preacher Preaching the word of God from a young age after receiving God call.Her ministry of Preaching and Teaching the word of God has saved thousands of souls across the villages. Specialized in the ministry of Healing God has worked mighty through this servant of God. Shalam ministries are entrusted by God to do “HIS” will unconditionally and under all circumstances.Today this ministry believes the reaching out to every person who seeks God and longs to experience God’s graciousness, healing and deliverance. The testimonies of thousands of people across the globe encourage us to march forward to establish God’s Kingdom in every corner of world.